Team Party and other Stuff

Dear TMH Families,

We are trying to organize the end of the year team party ( jacket return, finish the hut, clean the hut day).  We are trying to figure out a couple of more dates and then we will let everyone know.  I am also working on a couple of dates to ski at Mammoth.  These will not be official practices.  They will be a come and ski with your  family and enjoy each others company.  The tentative dates are in April and May.   There are also some camps that Mammoth is sponsoring during the months of May and June. When I receive that information I will post it to the website.

The biggest news is the change to the U12 Slalom.  The U12’s will be using full gates for Slalom next year.  This is a major change from the stubbies and will take a lot of work to get our kids to where they need to be.  I would like to provide our kids with as many opportunities to learn the techniques and get comfortable with the new standards.  I will be holding a camp at Mammoth June 13-18.  They will be training on snow in gates from 7:30 am until 11:30 am.  The afternoon is open and free time.  I will only be focusing on the transition to tall gates in this camp.  the camp will be open to all ages but I will not be setting stubbie courses specific to the U10 group.  This camp will focus on the U12 and older age group. You need to provide parental supervision during the camp. The cost is dependent upon how many participants we have.  I will split the lane fees evenly for everyone.  You are responsible for your own accommodations, meals, and lift tickets.  We will have video sessions each day to review technique. If you are interested please let me know ASAP so that I can reserve the appropriate amount of training space.


Schedule for Mammoth

April 30

May 14

Stacy Cook speed camp  Memorial day weekend

June 13-18 Slalom camp

Coach Daniel