Trainingon 3rd and 4th of February

On Saturday, February 3rd, coach Tom and coach Jessica will be at the mountain for training.

Meeting will be at the West hut at 8 am, so they can leave at 8.30 sharp.

With two coaches it extremely difficult to reconnect with kids arriving late, so it extremely important for the kids to be at the hut by 8.30.

On Sunday we will set GS gates at the East resort. We plan to stop training at 12. Coach on Sunday will be Matteo with parents supports. I will really appreciate if parents will help me set.



After the Captain meeting it was confirmed that both Slalom race for the U10, U12 and U14 at Snow Summit will take place on Saturday , February 4th.

To purchase tickets for family members and athletes please go directly to the Snow Summit locker room.

We will meet outside the SoCal market place between 7.30 and 8 and distribute the bibs. We will take the first chair up and reach the course.

Please try to be there by 8 at the latest ready to ski, we would like to reach the course all together. Bring a pack lunch and water for the kids, it might get difficult to have lunch at the resort with the tight schedule associated with the two races.

On Sunday we will try to run GS at MH for the athletes that will return to Wrigthwood. If you stay in Snow Summit, you are likely to be able to join SS for training.