Thanksgiving Camp Update 2017

Dear TMH,


The time has arrived to reserve your spot for annual preseason camp.   I have 30 spots available for camp.  Please arrange for your own accommodations.  You can book to stay at the mammoth mountain inn and receive discounts on lodging and tickets as a bundle.  I will also be able to get discounted lift tickets through the race department that are usually half off the standard rate.

Saturday Nov 18.  7:45 am Roma’s Room main lodge 3rd floor.  We will be focused on fundamentals and free skiing for the entire day.

Sunday  Nov 19- Wednesday Nov 22. 8:00 am  Roma’s Room  SL or GS.  Each day we will focus on different techniques of these disciplines.  Please bring speed suits, free skis, specific discipline skis and protective gear to each practice.  I will inform you of the discipline for the following day at the end of each practice.

You need to start your conditioning.  These will be long days.  Please come prepared.

If you need skis or gear please email Alex Panin or myself and we will let you know what is available.  You need to break in your boots before camp so that you are able to participate the full camp.

You can RSVP to me at before Nov.1, 2017.  After this I will open the camp to athletes from other teams.


Daniel Pulsipher

2017 Thanksgiving Camp

Dear TMH Family,


It is that time of year again.  I hope all of you have registered and sent the forms to Olga.  We had a great registration meeting last weekend and look forward to seeing more of you soon.  Our Annual preseason thanksgiving camp will begin on Saturday November 18 and conclude on Wednesday November 22.  Please come physically prepared to start the season off right.  I will post a daily schedule about a week or two before camp begins.   If you have any questions please contact me at