Team Party – May 21st

Hello TMH Families!

Our Team Party will take place on May 21st, 2016 at our house in Wrightwood (1060 Rivera Dr.) at 1.00 PM.

Please, bring your kids jackets to receive your deposit.

We will provide pizza and refreshments for the kids. Feel free to bring your favorite snacks, side dish, or a desert to share.

We will also have a work day on the East hut 10.00 AM- 12.30 PM. Please, come and help if you are available. We will try to finish walls and get ready for painting. We will send a separate communication on this.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you at the party!


Alex and Olga




THM Cup Race Results – February 6th, 2016


Thank you athletes and families for you participation!

Last Name First Name Run1Time Run2Time BestTime
Panina Lyuda DNF 42.851 42.851
Shining Steward 43.135 43.735 43.135
Odahl Maggie 50.754 51.195 50.754
Pape Chris 53.466 53.999 53.466
Villain Francesca 42.173 43.173 42.173
Shining Gordon 47.413 48.654 47.413
Pulsipher Alyson 42.898 43.145 42.898
Pulsipher Madison 46.535 47.011 46.535
Rizzi Isabella 49.788 51.090 49.788
Panin David 48.511 49.381 48.511
Bussiere Zeke 45.916 47.448 45.916
Shakiba Sam DNF 46.142 46.142
Pape Marie 1.06.379 1.07.089 1.06.379
Rizzi James 53.606 54.456 53.606
Wharton Maddy 1.01.145 1.05.682 1.01.145

Ski Camp Information

Merry Christmas!

We are starting our Ski Camp on Saturday, Dec 26 at 8.00 AM – West Resort. Please bring your training racing and free skis.

Due to the shallow snow and limited open runs we are unable to have gate training at Mountain High. Our travel team had received an invitation from Snow Summit to train there Monday through Thursday of next week. We will provide more information when we meet over the weekend.

World Cuppers and others who is not willing to travel to Snow Summit will be able to train at Mountain High. We will have coaches for both venues.

Finally, on Sunday, Dec 27th at Noon we will have a presentation from Brian Biss about opportunities at Cerro Coso Community College up in Mammoth.  Presentation will be in front of TMH hut. Parents and Athletes are welcomed. Here are additional links about the College:



Training on Dec 12th and 13th

We are going to have practice this coming weekend Dec 12th and 13th starting as usual with warm-ups beginning at 8.00 AM. It is unlikely we are going to have gates practice due to snow conditions. However, coaches will do their best, so plan on brining your training (SL/GS) and/or free skis.
Please, check the website after 7 PM on Friday to see latest announcements for the upcoming weekend training schedule.
Those of you who can help with the new TMH hut at the East on Sat, please bring your tools and contact Alex Panin Sat morning. We will decide on the best time to start work based on the everyone’s availability and desire to ski (on freshly groomed snow) in the morning.
If you have not signed your liability form yet, please, do so ASAP.

TMH Season Schedule

Dec 26 – Dec 31: Holiday camp
Dec 31: TMH cup race #1
Jan 2 – 3: U10/U12/U14 – 2SL – Snow Summit
Jan 16: TMH cup race #2
Jan 23 – 24: U10/U12/U14 – 2GS – Snow Summit
Feb 6: TMH cup race #3
Feb 13 – 14: U10/U12/U14 – 1SL 1GS – Mountain High
Feb 27 – 28: U10 GS U12.U14 SG – China Peak
Mar 5: TMH cup race #4
Mar 19: TMH cup race #5
Mar 24 – 27: U10-U12 Championships – Alpine Meadows
Mar 31 – Apr 3: U14 Championships – Sugar Bowl