Team Party Sunday May 20th in Wrightwood

We will have the TMH Team end of season party next Sunday, May 20th.

The party will be at the Panin’s house, 1060 Riviera Dr., Wrightwood, CA.

We will start with a pot-luck lunch at 12, so bring your favorite plate. I will cook hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill.

We need condiments, buns, salads, deserts and drinks.

At 2.30 Daniel will join us and we will give have trophies, and talk about next year.

Bring the team jacket, please do not wash them, the team does the washing. Remember to empty the pockets.

I will send a Reminds message, please respond via Remind so I can get an approximate number of attendees and foods.


U12 Champioship at Squaw Valley March 29th to April 1st

The Far West Championship for U12 this year is at Squaw Valley.

Daniel will attend and will be the coach supporting TMH’s athletes.

Dates are;

March 29th (MANDATORY) SG Training in the morning AND SG Race to follow.

March 30th GS

March 31st SL

April 1st Parallel follow by Skill Quest

IMPORTANT: registration closes on Saturday March 24th at 5 pm. A $20 fee will be added to each event after this time.

You need a valid USSA licence for U12 to attend.

Squaw Valley uses a different Registration System, if you want to register this is the link:

This is the link to the official PDF of the race event:

We did train on Sunday the last week end and it was a nice day with good snow until 12.30 approximately.

Next week is an unknown, if it rains for three days, I think we might be done for the season.



Training Saturday-Sunday February 24th and 25th and Super G at Mammoth

We plan to train this week end both Saturday and Sunday at Mountain High. The mountain made snow and is making snow. It also might snow tomorrow night and next Tuesday, so there is a possibility the season will be extended. Please come up and let’s enjoy the mountain a little longer. We don’t know if there will be gates, it is up to the snow, at present is difficult to say.

U10-U12 SG and U10 GS at Mammoth on March 2 to 4. Please remember that if you want to attend these races at Mammoth the registration closes this Sunday (the 25th) at 5 pm. After there will be an extra charge.

U12 only: YOU MUST register for the Training Run on Friday March 2nd, and actually do it. No training run no race.

There is no training run for U10.  U10 will run a GS race.

Gear: U12 can race with GS ski, they DO NOT NEED SG ski.

Daniel will be the Coach for TMH at Mammoth.

Hope to see you this week end.


Race at Snow Summit Sunday February 18th 2018

There will be a open Race at Snow Summit this Sunday, February 18th.

Race registration will be at the Snow Summit Race Room in Tyndll House (next to Bear Lodge, close to the locker room)  from 7.30 to 9.30.  Inspection will open at 8.30, so please try to complete registration by 8 so we can inspect the courses together with all the kids. I plan to go up with first chair at 8.30 am.

They will set two course on Miracle Mile (red and Blue course). Each athlete will run once on the blue and once on the red course, the combined times will be the scored time.

Parents, you can see the arrival on Miracle Mile without skiing, great spot to get picture and videos.

Please make sure to return the bib at the end of the race.

I will be up with Francesca, and help our kids.

It is a great occasion to have a first not challenging race experience, and to have fun with our friend at Snow Summit.

Hope to see you on Sunday.


Christmas Camp 2017 at MH confirmed!

The Christmas Camp at Mountain High is confirmed!

The first day will be Tuesday December 26th. Please be ready on the slope by 8am, sharp.

First Day will be Slalom; we will plan the remaining days as we go.

Camp will end on December 31st, which will only be a half day.

Marry Christmas to everyone!

Matteo Villain

Training on Monday February 20th

On Monday 20th we will set a SG course on Conquest. This will help the kids going to Mammoth for the SG on March 3rd to get used to longer gs turn and higher speed.

If you have the ski you plan to use on that week end (at 12 they are not yet SG ski, the GS ski for next year will be perfect) bring them.

I will be the one on the slope setting so I could use as much parents help as possible.

We will meet at 8 am at the hut.




Two GS Races on Sunday 2/19/17

We will have two USSA GS races on Sunday, February 19 2017.

Both races will be run at West Resort, on Conquest run.

We will run first Race 1, run 1, followed by Race 2, run1.

We will reset and run Race 1, run 2, followed by Race 2, run 2.

The plan is to open inspection at 8.30.

To achieve this, we need to be able to start working to set ribbons, bamboo and gates as soon as possible.

A first crew will be at the resort at 7 am ready to go, booted, and ski in hand (no stop at the hut).

If you can make it this early please do, but is not mandatory.

The kids need to be at the hut at 7.45, so that at 8 am we can try to go up.

Please push them a little in the hut to get ready fast.

They should bring a quick lunch pack, and take the booth-bag up to the top of Conquest.

See you tomorrow.








Trainingon 3rd and 4th of February

On Saturday, February 3rd, coach Tom and coach Jessica will be at the mountain for training.

Meeting will be at the West hut at 8 am, so they can leave at 8.30 sharp.

With two coaches it extremely difficult to reconnect with kids arriving late, so it extremely important for the kids to be at the hut by 8.30.

On Sunday we will set GS gates at the East resort. We plan to stop training at 12. Coach on Sunday will be Matteo with parents supports. I will really appreciate if parents will help me set.