Race at Snow Summit Sunday February 18th 2018

There will be a open Race at Snow Summit this Sunday, February 18th.

Race registration will be at the Snow Summit Race Room in Tyndll House (next to Bear Lodge, close to the locker room)  from 7.30 to 9.30.  Inspection will open at 8.30, so please try to complete registration by 8 so we can inspect the courses together with all the kids. I plan to go up with first chair at 8.30 am.

They will set two course on Miracle Mile (red and Blue course). Each athlete will run once on the blue and once on the red course, the combined times will be the scored time.

Parents, you can see the arrival on Miracle Mile without skiing, great spot to get picture and videos.

Please make sure to return the bib at the end of the race.

I will be up with Francesca, and help our kids.

It is a great occasion to have a first not challenging race experience, and to have fun with our friend at Snow Summit.

Hope to see you on Sunday.


Photos from Snow Summit races

If you raced at Snow Summit on 3 February, you probably have pictures here:



Coach Ali says:

Hi everyone, you can view and download all the pictures from Snow Summit’s Slalom race from the link below. These pics should be good for small prints, if you like me to email you the full resolution of any pic, please send me the picture id number (you can find the number under info button). I am also including some pics from Snow Summit’s top racers so your kids can see their stand and style against other kids. Let me know if you have problem viewing and downloading the photos.




First South Series Race Jan 20/21

Dear Parents,


Our first race weekend is quickly approaching.  Our first USSA South Series race is hosted at Snow Summit on January 20/21.  The schedule has both GS races being held on Saturday with a training day on Sunday available to all racers.  Please note that the schedule may change due to weather or conditions.


If this is your first year racing please note that you must register with US Ski and snowboard.  usskiandsnowboard.org   You will need a license number that you will then use to register for the race on adminskiracing.com.  I will be available to walk you through the process if you need help.  There is a late fee for any race registrations after Monday January 15 at 5 pm.


You will be required to have a license to participate as well as a hard ear helmet.

If you choose to train at Mountain High on January 20/21 we will have coaches available to train the kids that are still at Mountain High.


Coach Daniel

Christmas Camp 2017 at MH confirmed!

The Christmas Camp at Mountain High is confirmed!

The first day will be Tuesday December 26th. Please be ready on the slope by 8am, sharp.

First Day will be Slalom; we will plan the remaining days as we go.

Camp will end on December 31st, which will only be a half day.

Marry Christmas to everyone!

Matteo Villain

Opening Weekend

Dear Team,


I have been informed by the mountain that we are not able to have formal coach led practices this weekend due to limited terrain.  If you have a pass you can ski but it will be on your own or with other team members.  We are pushing for training next weekend.

All members of the team must sign a release before they are able to participate in training.





Opening Day

Dear Team,


It looks like Mt. High is going to open on Wednesday.  That means our first practice will be held on Saturday starting at 8:00 am sharp.  Please bring free skis and slalom skis.




Thanksgiving Camp Update 2017

Dear TMH,


The time has arrived to reserve your spot for annual preseason camp.   I have 30 spots available for camp.  Please arrange for your own accommodations.  You can book to stay at the mammoth mountain inn and receive discounts on lodging and tickets as a bundle.  I will also be able to get discounted lift tickets through the race department that are usually half off the standard rate.

Saturday Nov 18.  7:45 am Roma’s Room main lodge 3rd floor.  We will be focused on fundamentals and free skiing for the entire day.

Sunday  Nov 19- Wednesday Nov 22. 8:00 am  Roma’s Room  SL or GS.  Each day we will focus on different techniques of these disciplines.  Please bring speed suits, free skis, specific discipline skis and protective gear to each practice.  I will inform you of the discipline for the following day at the end of each practice.

You need to start your conditioning.  These will be long days.  Please come prepared.

If you need skis or gear please email Alex Panin or myself and we will let you know what is available.  You need to break in your boots before camp so that you are able to participate the full camp.

You can RSVP to me at danielpulsipher@gmail.com before Nov.1, 2017.  After this I will open the camp to athletes from other teams.


Daniel Pulsipher